2012-2014 FONDEF D10I1007. The ChileGenomico Project: “Genomics of the Chilean Population: genetic characterization necessary for biomedical research, public health, and forensic medicine” (Principal Investigator). Visit the project’s website for more information.
2012-2015 FONDECYT Initiation 11121666: “Discovery of networks of gene expression in monocytes and lymphocytes mediating HDL anti-atherogenic effects in humans” (Responsible Investigator).
2012-2015 FONDEF D11I1029: “Incorporating Next Generation Sequencing in the care of cancer patients” (Principal Investigator).
2013-2015 U-Redes (VID, U. of Chile): “BioMed-HPC: High Performance Computing Network for Computational Biology and Medicine” (Director).
2014-2015 CONICYT/NSF USA2013-0015: “Genomic investigation of the human biodiversity in the pre-Columbian and contemporary Chilean Patagonia.” (Director).
2014-2015 ECOS C13S01 “Chilean-French Collaboration for a Systems Genetics Approach
to Cardiovascular and Metabolic Genomics” (Responsible Investigator).
2014-2016 FONDECYT 1140544: “Recent signatures of genetic adaptation to extreme climates in populations of maritime hunter-gatherers of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego (Co-Investigator).
2014-2017 FONDECYT 1140553: “Searching for a validated cell-based therapeutic approach for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: Identification of specific tolerance markers and characterization of monophosphoryl lipid A (MPLA)-activated tolerogenic dendritic cells (MPLA-tDCs)” (Co-Investigator. PI: Juan Carlos Aguillón).
2015-2018 FONDECYT 1151446: “ADAR promotes breast cancer progression through the regulation of cell cycle and DNA repair related genes” (Co-Investigator. PI: Ricardo Armisén).
2014-2016 FONDEQUIP EQM140157: “NextSeq 500 Sequencing System – Creation of a genomics platform to serve multiple disciplines at the University of Chile” (Responsible Investigator)).
2015-2018 Anillo 2014 ACT140034: “Drosophila Ring in Developmental Adaptations to Nutritional Stress (DRiDANS)” (Associated Resercher. PI: Álvaro Glavic).
2017-2018 VID U-Redes 704/2016: “U-Genoma: Academic network for research and training in Genetics and Genomics” (Responsible Investigator).
2017-2019 FONDEF Continuation D10E1007: “Genotyping of markers of ancestry and genetic predisposition to common diseases in Chile: Improvement and scaling of the ChileGenomico Panel” (Responsible Investigator).
2017-2019 FONDEF IDEA IT16I10051:”TumorSec: Optimization, validation and scaling of a gene sequencing assay to improve precision of oncologic therapies.” (Sub-director. PI:  Katherine Marcelain).
2018-2019 VID URC-09/16 “International travel grant 2017 – Internationalization Project UCH-1566”.  Title: “Participation at an International Congress in Population Genomics”, Country: Mexico. (Responsible Investigator)
2018-2019 VID Support for Research Infrastructure. Grant 0440/2018: Improvement of the Servers Room at the Human Genetics Prgrama, ICBM, to increment is storage capacity and cooling system (Responsible Investigator)
2019-2023 CONICYT FONDECYT Regular 1191948:”Genetic structure and ancestry continuity of indigenous populations of Norte Chico: genomic study of ancient and modern DNA” (Responsible Investigator)