About us

This is the website of the System Genetics and Biomedical Genomics Laboratory (GENOMED for short) led by Ricardo A. Verdugo. Our work aims at furthering our understanding of how the genome shapes complex characters in humans by using high-throughput data and computational methods.

Lines of research:

  1. Identifying genomic signatures of selection, migration, and admixing in human populations and how they are relate to differences in phenotype of disease susceptibility.
  2. Understanding the relation between genotypes and complex phenotypes using genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics tools.
  3. Development and implementation of Systems Genetics Methods to identify and characterize networks of interacting genes that can help to explain the connection between genotype and phenotype.

The GENOMED laboratory is part of the Human Genetics Program of the Institute of Biomedical Research in the School of Medicine of the University of Chile.